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Located on the fringes of Williamsburg and encompassing parts of Glendale, Grover Heights is bordered by the Milwaukee River to the north, Port Washington Avenue to the east, Capitol Drive to the south and I-43 to the west. Built on lots carved from swampland that fed into the river, Grover Heights’ homes were built between 1926 and 1930. Its occupants were primarily German until the 1960s. Its first African-American family moved into the area in 1961. [ citation needed ] Most residents move into the area and stay. Currently Grover Heights has a diverse population consisting of African-Americans, Caucasians, Latinos and Hispanics. [ citation needed ] Its area forms one of the primary borders of the 5 Points Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Walt Duncan is Jeremy's father born approximately in 1954, an orthodontist who, like Connie, finds it almost impossible to hold a conversation with his son. Walt is portrayed as clueless and old-fashioned about technology, especially computers and video players. But he is shown to be playing with a drone in the December 26, 2015 strip. [20] Despite Jeremy's attempts to explain how to use devices, [21] Walt is unable to comprehend even the most basic functions. [22] Walt is shown as having problems with math, as all he knows is the Pythagorean theorem . [23] [24] He has been shown to think that a fan belt is part of a search engine and that "Googling" somebody means having sexual intercourse with them. His interactions with Jeremy's peers cause intense embarrassment for his son, as Walt makes comments such as "What's up, dood [ sic ]?", not knowing the meaning behind them. [25] He is the designated clothes launderer, often getting into arguments with Jeremy over notes in pockets, socks inside-out, and other pet peeves. Walt constantly wears oversized blue pants, plain white T-shirt, black vest, and a combover , which makes him look like a Walmart employee. Walt occasionally reveals memories that attest to a wilder youth, but most of these anecdotes are nonsense. According to Connie, his army jacket which "holds awful memories" was picked up by Walt at a thrift shop on a day when "the traffic was terrible", left Woodstock to paint his aunt's house when it began to rain, and when dating Connie, he once gave her a bong, mistaking it for a flower pot. In one instance, Walt recalls how uninhibited he felt one night at a Moby Grape concert. This shocking recollection causes him to forbid Jeremy from attending a similar concert. [26] Another time, Walt reveals he has had a peace sign tattooed on his rear end since the late 1960s, which has expanded along with his rear end, and is described to now be the size of a stop sign. [27]

The English language is forever changing. New words appear; old ones fall out of use or alter their meanings. World Wide Words tries to record at least a part of this shifting wordscape by featuring new words, word histories, words in the news, and the curiosities of native English speech.

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Ridding says his regular lunch venues of choice are Brindisa , a Spanish tapas restaurant at the southern tip of the market looking out on to Borough High Street, and El Pastor , a Mexican taco bar a few doors down, opened last year by a team including famous foodie brothers Sam and Eddie Hart.  

Wir bedanken uns herzlich bei Marek und Robin für die tolle Arbeit der letzten Jahre und begrüßen freudig als neuen Vorstand:
Markus Schwabe, 1. Vorsitzender und
Nathaly Küster, 2. Vorsitzender

Katzenjammer - A Bar In AmsterdamKatzenjammer - A Bar In AmsterdamKatzenjammer - A Bar In AmsterdamKatzenjammer - A Bar In Amsterdam