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Another major development brought about by Maskman was stepping away from science fiction, which had been a major driving factor of all Sentai since Denziman and instead utilizing aspects of the Chinese concept of "kikou", an internal energy within the body that can be used and manipulated. Known as "aura power" in Maskman , it would lead to the first martial arts-driven Sentai and begin experimentations beyond Sentai's comfort zone into eventually embracing other concepts and ideas. The "kikou" concept would be further developed and used years later in the Chinese-themed Dairanger .

Fade Dec 19 2017 5:03 pm It's been 6 month since I started to watch Kdrama. There have been about 20 or more dramas I have watch. But I've only done watching 2 saeguk (historical drama). The first is ruler.. it was okay drama for me because both of lead's character were a bit annoying. But this one is great, especially the lead male. He is not blinded by love.. The flow of the story is great.. The chemistry between the leads is lit. Can't ask any better. When I saw the pictures in image gallery of this site, I had goosebumps. I told myself "they will definetely have great chemistry" and it becomes true. But because it mainly tells us about the love story, the main problem isn't that huge. That one is a bit disappointing

Hikari Oe - Music Of Hikari Oe, Vol. 1Hikari Oe - Music Of Hikari Oe, Vol. 1Hikari Oe - Music Of Hikari Oe, Vol. 1Hikari Oe - Music Of Hikari Oe, Vol. 1